Original Characters & Fan Art Figures

How It All Began

Because there is someone I look up to;

Something which makes me squeal.

A story which touches me;

Superheroes I grow up with.

The hunk that caused my heart to skip a beat;

That goddess whom I wish could take my name.

Because there are fans, there are idols;

Because there are idols, there are fans.

And thus in twenty-seventeen on a little red dot;

S’VELTE was born.

Made from adoration;

Made for adoration.

What We Do

At S'VELTE, we specialize in creating original and fan art figures using the craft of three-dimensional Paper Quilling.

Three-dimensional Paper Quilling is a style of quilling which involves rolling thin paper strips typically of 3mm widths – into tight solid coils and manipulating these coils to make conical shapes.

Our founders personally breathe life into each and every S'VELTE figure with imaginative design and fine workmanship. This is a process which must be fine-tuned numerous times with each new design before a figure is considered worthy enough to meet his/her collector.

Hand-built from scratch, each S’VELTE figure is made up of at least 11 quilled conical shapes and takes no fewer than 37 manhours to create.

The Team

Linda K. Co-founder, Designer
One-half of the founding members of S’VELTE. The brains part who firmly believes that inspiration strikes like a bolt of lightning so she is never in a rush to create.

Patsy K. Co-founder, Maker

The other half of the founding members of S’VELTE. The brawns part who firmly believes that practice makes perfect so she is forever in a rush to create.

It remains a mystery how the founders’ collaboration works.

Ahreddan S’VELTE’s Muse

The primary source of inspiration for S’VELTE figures and an original creation by the founders. His disproportionate peach head suggests his grey matter. Is that why he is always lost in his own thoughts?

Mr Part-timer, Eugene Customer Care, IT Support, Marketeer, Photographer, Packer, Shipper – All Rolled Into One
Yoo Shi Jin from Descendants of the Sun... not. He’s a regular army boy who’s more than ‘regular’. A multi-talented multi-tasker, he takes care of just about everything else that needs to be taken care of to make the S’VELTE experience complete. Without him, it’s not business as usual.